Austrian Government Computer Center

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BRZ is one of the largest users of PL/I. In thirty departments more than a thousand developers are maintaining huge applications in government areas.

Most of the creators of the code are no longer with BRZ and the documentation was not always representing the current version of the software. Developers spent too much time to analyze the impact of changes that the users demanded.

BRZ performed the Software Check and a 30 day trial with ITP-PANORAMA. There were many entries in the error list. ITP-PANORAMA  helped to clean the code. ITP has extended the scanners to support special programming techniques that were developed for the BRZ.

ITP proved that huge amounts of code can be scanned in a short time. The response time for searches is on average less than a second. The developers now have an online, real-time documentation and information system that shows every little detail of the software.

Customer Comments:
Alfred Hirtl, who is heading the department that performed the Software Check, stated that the support of ITP was outstanding. "We reported some twenty problems over a period of three months", he said in a presentation to all other departments. "We got updates in a very short period of time. Our developers now have full transparency in the tens of thousands of programs that we have scanned so far."

IBM mainframes, also some Fujitsu BS2000 and UNIX. Legacy applications are in PL/I, new development is done in JAVA.