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Experiences with ITP-PANORAMA

PANORAMA was chosen 2007 in an international evaluating process. In the race were three other vendors. ITP-PANORAMA did convince us, because:

  1. It is meant for developers (while other products seemed more made for managers),
  2. It is able to handle our volume of source code,
  3. The response-time allows real-time analysis and  
  4.  The price/performance ratio is unique.

The training of our developers was done in a short period of time because the drill-down in the HyperCube to limit the regarded volume was a familiar way , which developers are knowing from data base researches.

I would like to particular emphasize the support we are getting from ITP with immediate response to our inquiries and patches are mailed in the shortest possible time. We also enjoy the ongoing extension of PANORAMA’s capabilities.

The efficiency of PANORAMA in our analysis is very good. Particular because we can trust the results. Some developers still use normal SEARCH over our libraries. We notice this because these analysis are faulty, what even I as a development manager can discover. In the near future we plan to do missionary work to convince all developers to use PANORAMA.

Best Regards,

Andreas Lupert

Head of Software Development

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