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SIEMENS AG had decided to replace their commercial applications with SAP. This took much longer than they expected. So, they had to run their BS2000 System for some additional years. Mr. Haeuser, head of software development in the Zurich subsidiary, had concerns because the cost of maintaining the BS2000 was rising dramatically, even if they did only the absolute minimum to keep it running. The developers that were urgently needed to implement SAP were busy with maintenance.

Mr. Haeuser saw the reason for the maintenance problem in inconsistencies in the ROCHADE Data Dictionary. He said that he had one developer assigned full time for the management only of 2 Million LOC of COLUMBUS, COBOL, UDS, JOB CONTROL and SCHEDULER.

SIEMENS have replaced ROCHADE with the ITP-PANORAMA-Toolset. After scanning the entire code and storing it in the "inmemory" HyperCube repository, all hidden errors were found. Most errors came from changes in copybooks that were not copied into all programs.

Using ITP-PANORAMA made the software reliable and easier to maintain. Two thirds of the developers changed to the SAP team and were able to speed up the migration. They have been able to switch off the mainframe earlier, which was a big saving.

Customer Comment:
"We had return on the investment in ITP-PANORAMA within weeks", said Mr. Haeuser. "Having cleaned the software of all the missing links, we have been able to move two thirds of the development team to the SAP project."

- Used to be Fujitsu BS2000,
- Now UNIX servers with SAP