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Juergen Overhoff



Born in Koblenz, Germany. Citizen of Austria.

Juergen joined ITP in 2005 as independent sales partner. First he has built marketing including CI, logo and slogan. Since 2006 he is also co-owner and CEO of ITP Software Systems. In 2005 he founded ITP-PANORAMA Inc. in the US for distributing ITP software in the Americas and all countries outside of Europe.

Juergen has re-organized ITP and his capability to win fortune five-hundred companies as customers made ITP independent and strong.

Two third of his time he is spending in the offices in Munich, Germany and one third in the United States.

Juergen started his IT career with programming and project management. He led many successful large computer projects and headed a computer center before making the decision to move into marketing and sales.

Juergen founded in 1983 one of the first three Internet agencies in Munich, Germany, and it was during this time that he met Géza Gerhardt the first time. Géza had designed and developed a browser for the Apple II and other computers and the first emulation for 3270 services over the web. Juergen has successfully built a strong customer base. 

Juergen joined Softlab GmbH 1987 where he met Géza again. Softlab had developed the first CASE tool "Maestro". Juergen was country Manager UK and USA.


Juergen Overhoff
45 St. John Blvd.
Englewood, FL 34223

Phone: +1 941 475-2883