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FIDUCIA is one of the largest computer centers in Germany supporting more than a thousand local banks. They are building new banking applications out of three banking systems after a merger.

After buying ITP-PANORAMA they made a statistic to validate the investment. The result was this graphic:

Kind of search Effort conventional Effort with panorama tools Occurrence / year
simple 2 hrs. 2 min. 255
medium 16 hrs. 5 min. 144
complex 32 hrs. 2 hrs. 50


FIDUCIA did cut analyses time from 4,400 to 120 hours. The payback was proved.

This is an example how useful ITP-PANORAMA is for FIDUCIA: They had already spent hundreds of hours of expensive development time migrating programs that are called by a three-digit bank number, which is no more in use for many years. Discovering this fact with ITP-PANORAMA and deleting all of these programs, FIDUCIA’s developers saved thousands of hours. Customer comment: “We would have spent much more money for no improvement, than we ever invested in ITP-PANORAMA!”