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German Stock Exchange with a mixed IT Environment

Finding a repository for DEC computers was not easy for the German Stock Exchange IT Services. They have spent a lot of time to evaluate the market for tools.

ITP-PANORAMA was chosen to be the IT wide repository. ITP did not have support for DEC, but was flexible and motivated enough to support a DEC target system that will not be around for long. No other tool goes as deep in the code as ITP-PANORAMA that shows and searches for each little detail. All other products failed to handle the millions of lines of code of the complex software system of the German Stock Exchange.

Having proven that ITP's scanners can work with source code of COBOL, C and JAVA, running on DEC, the team supporting the application on the IBM mainframe wanted to have the same comfort in enhancing and maintaining their huge applications. ITP-PANORAMA scans 10 mill. LOC in less then an hour. The average response time is less than a second.

Customer Comment:
The tremendous help that ITP-PANORAMA proved in the DEC environment did motivate us to extend the use to the maintenance of the applications that run on IBM.

IBM mainframes and a number of DEC VAX and Alpha