DEVK Insurance

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To ensure that the new JAVA applications will support all business processes that are supported by the legacy software today, was a challenge for the IT at DEVK. Documentation was not sufficient and not up to date.

Interviewing the users in the departments proved to be too slow and costly. DEVK had asked CSC to provide a solution. CSC invited ITP in the presentation to show how the Dataflow Analysis of ITP-PANORAMA can make the legacy software transparent.

DEVK purchased ITP-PANORAMA analyze the in COBOL written legacy applications.  The Dataflow Analysis was used to follow the value chains through applications and programs.  This is the best and fastest way to detect the support of business processes.

User comment: “It would have cost a fortune and had taken too long to get the transparency that ITP-PANOARMA is showing after a couple of mouse-clicks! Now, we can guarantee that we will stay on time and budget and that the new JAVA applications will fully support the business processes!“