Outsourcing Providers

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Some comments:

  • Markus Schwarz, at that time head of ZOS SW sales at IBM Rational in Germany, said after a presentation at CeBIT: “What you have developed is overwhelming!”
  • Technical expert of Markus, Juergen Dressler, said: “This is genius!”
  • Stephan Lauzon, IBM Rational Partner Relationship, USA, after an online presentation said:  “I was impressed by what you have shown us today!”
  • Dr. Reinhard Meyer of Accenture, working on a BMW project said: “Complex analysis cannot be made at economically defensible costs without ITP-PANORAMA!”
  • Thorvaldt Moeller, project manager enterprise systems at Atos said: “This is the first tool that keeps its promise!”
  • Herbert Buckel, Manager Application Factory for Daimler AG at T-Systems said: “We should buy ITP to avoid that our competitors can use ITP-PANORAMA!”
  • Ashutosh Parashar, Cognizant, after an online demonstration: “It was totally fantastic.”