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Reference Porsche Sportscars

Challenge: Maintenance cost of the Production Planning System had to be reduced. Fluctuation in development staff left many questions about the sources open.

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MAN Trucks and Busses, Transaction to GUI

Migration of applications, written in COBOL, from a mainframe to UNIX. Analysis of legacy software. Detecting all command lines that are not compatible with UNIX COBOL. Replacing of transaction screens with GUI.

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Volkswagen has twelve brands. The applications were scanned one after the other. So far VW has fifty HyperCubes, and will at the end have more than one hundred. No other customer of ITP has more COBOL code. ITP-PANROAMA is standard at VW and regarded as the strategic environment.

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BMW has 85,000 programs with 145 million LOC in PL/I only.

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Audi placed a multimillion-dollar order with Capgemini. “We have our own tools!” was the comment from Capgemini. Audi had a closer look and decided that Capgemini had to use ITP-PANORAMA. After the training, the developers of Capgemini were excited that the unfamiliar applications were now fully transparent for them.

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Reference Automotive Hella

4,500 programs written in Assembler, Cobol and PL/I had to be analyzed to allow the currency change to EURO. It took a contractor twelve month to analyze the first 1,500 programs.

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