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Géza Gerhardt


Founder of ITP and Master Mind of the ITP-PANORAMA Toolset

Born 1949 in Budapest, Hungary.

Géza is the developer and author of the ITP-PANORAMA toolset. He founded ITP Software Services GmbH in 1991 in Munich, Germany, where he is based.

Geza has a Masters degree in Electronics and started his career as a computer scientist in a Research Institute designing high level computer languages.

In 1978 he was appointed Head of Communications at Softlab GmbH; a Munich based Software Company now owned by BMW. Geza was Chief Developer of Softlab's CASE Tool: MAESTRO.

In 1991 ITP launched products to emulate VT220, IBM 3270 and 5250, used by large IT organisations such as Daimler-Chrysler world-wide, GERLING Insurance and the Austrian Army, amongst others. In 1996 ITP launched WEBSOLV which generates WEB Screens for host applications.

The ITP-PANORAMA Toolset was launched in 2000 and was designed to be the first multi-user platform for heterogeneous software environments.

Studies: Technical University Budapest, Master of Electrotechnique and Mathematics.

Géza Gerhardt
Am Westpark 1
D-81373 Munich, Germany
Technical support: +49 89 740-9202