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Roland Christen, architect of Credit Suisse (CS) said in our first meeting:

“My Managers sleep too well. They have no idea what the state of our
software is!”

Now, after ITP has implemented all ideas that CS had of perfect environment to maintain and modernize software; he is telling us that they have full control over all of their applications.

Stephan Hug, CTO at CS said: “We have looked at all competing tools. They were
made for managers rather than developers, or much too difficult for the average developer!” The user feedback we got two month after roll-out at CS:

  • A very good tool. I can only recommend it. I am not working very long with Panorama, but I'm already excited about it.
  • For me ITP Panorama is a very valuable tool with good data base and good analytics. I am happy to have it now.
  • There is no longer another tool at CS that enables impact analysis. However, this is the best we’ve ever had.
  • Panorama is the best tool for source code analysis which I know of.
  • Winning time is not my primary task, but Panorama compensates the loss of expertise if developers who wrote the code are no longer with the bank.
  • In the most recent project we saved 50-60 hours analysis time