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Roland Christen, architect of Credit Suisse (CS) said in our first meeting: “My

manager sleep much too good because they have no idea what the state of our
software is!” Now, after ITP has implemented all demands that CS had for a
perfect environment to maintain and modernize software; he is telling us that they
have full control over all of their applications.

Stephan Hug, CTO at CS said: “We have looked at all competing tools. They were
more made for managers than developers or much too difficult for the average

The user feedback two month after roll-out at CS:

  • A very good tool. I can only recommend it. I am not working very long with Panorama, but I'm already excited about it.
  • For me ITP Panorama is a very valuable tool with good data base and good analytics. I’m happy to have it now.
  • There is no longer another tool at CS that enables impact analysis. However, it is the best we’ve ever had.
  • Panorama is the best tool for source code analysis which I know of.
  • Winning time is not my primary task, but Panorama compensates the loss of expertise if developers who wrote the code are no longer with the bank.
  • In the most recent project we saved 50-60 hours analysis time

JP Morgan Chase has the task to re-write a mission critical application that is
running today on a HP TANDEM/NonStop mainframe in JAVA. They made a lot of
investigations and came to the conclusion that only ITP-PANORAMA with the
Dataflow-Analysis is capable to retrieve the information how the business
processes are supported by the software. I took only one day to put the task team
in the position to follow the value chain of e.g. variables in the Meta Data in the
OLAP HyperCube Repository.

AXA Winterthur Insurance has complex PL/I applications. AXA made a worldwide
search for the best of bread tool for software maintenance and modernization. ITP
did already win in the first round. Andreas Lupert, applications development
manager, said after the first two weeks of usage of ITP-PANORAMA: “Neither I nor
my developers would want to do analyses without ITP-PANORAMA any more.

Volkswagen has twelve brands. The applications were scanned one after the other.
So far VW has fifty HyperCubes and will at the end have more than one hundred. No other customer of ITP has more COBOL code. ITP-PANROAMA is standard at
VW and regarded as the strategic environment.

BMW has 145 million LOC in PL/I only. Josef Heckl said: “The code is ten to twentyyears old and written by generations of developers. There were on standard at this time. We searched the tool market and only ITP-PANORAMA was able to
handle this amount of code!”

BMW wanted an Asset Management to know who in which country, cost center
and project was the owner of applications and programs. After BMW provided the
data in a spreadsheet it took ITP only an hour to make the set-up that these asset
data can be scanned daily and linked to the programs.

Raymond James Financials consulted Gartner Group to find the best tool for
analyses in their TANDEM/NonStop mainframe applications. They had bought
CAST before and discovered that it was not useful for analyses. Bob Campbell said
after the ITP-PANORAMA stopped at the end of the 30 day trial:

“It was like giving someone a Ferrari for 30-days and then asking them to
settle for a scooter from now on. I cannot imagine we have ever had so much success with a trial copy of software. We’re starting the purchase process right away.”

Helmut Veit, system administrator at T-Systems department ASC Auto/MI1 wrote
in an e-mail:

„One of our developers made an analysis in a large legacy application on the
host. She needed with common searches over the libraries two days.
With Panorama she had the exactly same result after only four minutes! “

AUDI placed a multimillion Dollar order with Capgemini. “We have our own tools!”
was the comment form Capgemini. AUDI had a closer look and decided that
CapGemini had to work with ITP-PANORAMA. After the training the developers of
Capgemini were excited that the unfamiliar applications were now fully
transparent for them.

BMW made a Benchmark Test with and without ITP-PANORAMA. Two developers
had to find all the programs in a total number of 7,500 that had to be changed if a
data field was extended by 3 digits. The two developers needed two weeks to find
24 programs in a total number of 7,500. It took 10 minutes with ITP-PANORAMA
to find all 26 programs that met the change criteria.

If outsourcing providers want to make money in fix-price projects; they have the
best chance to do it with ITP technolgy. Some comments:

  • Markus Schwarz, head of zOS SW sales at IBM Rational in Germany, said after a presentation at CeBIT: “What you have developed is overwhelming!”
  • Technical expert of Markus, Juergen Dressler, said: “This is genius!”
  • Stephan Lauzon, IBM Rational Partner Relationship, USA, after an online presentation: „I was impressed by what you have shown today!”
  • Dr. Reinhard Meyer of Accenture working in a BMW project said:
    “Complex analysis cannot be made at economically defensible costs
    without ITP-PANORAMA!”
  • Thorvaldt Moeller, project manager enterprise systems at Atos said:
    “The first tool that keeps its promises!”
  • Herbert Buckel, Manager Application Factory for Daimler AG at TSystems said: “We should buy ITP to block our competitors out of ITP-PANORAMA!”
  • Ashutosh Parashar, Cognizant, after an online demonstration.
    “It was totally fantastic.”

Largest HyperCube Repository of BMW contains 60 Million LOC that resides in the
memory in 8 GBytes of RAM. BMW purchased a server with 8 dual-processors and
128 GigaBytes of RAM. ITP implemented multi-processing that can use all
processors simultaneously for a search/selection. Response-time is to 2-3 seconds for the first search. The second search in the selected amount of data is already a fraction of one second.

Comment from BMW: “ITP-PANORAMA is now the fastest repository by far. To
improve the productivity of software maintenance, we are now starting with the
roll out to a large number of developers!”

At PORSCHE maintenance cost of the Production Planning System had to be
reduced. Fluctuation in development staff left many questions about the sources
open. After only three hours of preparation ITP scanned 3.5 million LOC. During
the scan the source lines were split into all details, the programs compiled and all
references cross-checked over all programs and applications and the HyperCube
Repository within 10 minutes.

ITP-PANORAMA showed 1,100 entries on the error list in the mission critical system.

Customer Comment: “We buy ITP-PANORAMA immediately. Five minutes downtime at our assembling line would cost us much more than the Panorama
software!” “This technology would have been of great help in recent projects”.